What do I think is important?

School Safety

Teachers can’t teach and students can’t learn if classroom discipline is not supported from the top down. I voted to strengthen the punishment to expulsion if there’s an unprovoked assault on a teacher, and I continue to examine and reexamine policy that provides for classrooms with fewer distractions, and more engaged learning.  

Communication & Transparency

I'm responsible for getting all of the School Board meetings televised, recorded, and live-streamed. It's happening right now because of my efforts. People want to have an open door to their government, and the community doesn’t like being stonewalled when there are issues. There are great things happening everyday in NPS that people need to know about.

Health & Wellness

Our schools should play an important role in reducing childhood obesity and diabetes through stronger physical and health education. We need to continue building schools and programs to support these needs. As a pediatrician, I have a unique understanding of the mental, physical, and emotional needs of children.

Parental Involvement

“Learning doesn’t end when the bell rings.”

School & Educational Options/Choices

I’ve been on the front lines advocating for diverse educational options: vocational programs, highly gifted learners, S.T.E.M., the arts, special education, and project-based learning, NEVER losing sight of reading, writing, and math with real world applications. I was on the team that re-purposed Lafayette Winona Middle School by closing the existing school and opening the Academy for Discovery at Lakewood as very successful 3rd through 8th grade program for Norfolk Public Schools.